BLACKSTORE Rebellion® Origami Bodybag

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You know Origami, right?  Imagine you do it with your slave instead of with a sheath of paper. We've tried it with our house slave Rubngum who is know here as a really resistent guy. But after the session he complained about how mean that we'd be..

Oh, that's what we wanted to hear. We reached what we were looking for.

This bag is available in regular sizes M, L, XL, XXL or made by measure. Here is a size chart for guidance.

NECK        38    40    42     44

CHEST    100  110   120   130

WAIST      86   96    106   116

If you choose made by measure, please fill in the gaps. You can find a help for the measurements in

the pictures.

Mask not included. Can be ordered here.

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